Professional Osteopathic Treatment for Winchester!

  •     Stiffness & Pain in your Back, Neck & Limbs
  •     Headaches & Migraine
  •     Sinus, Face & Jaw Pain
  •     Sciatica & Sports Injuries
  •     Arthritic Pain in the Elderly
  •     Work Stress & Postural Fatigue
  •     Frozen Shoulder & Tennis Elbow
  •     Sleep & Feeding Upsets in Newborns
  •     Road Accident Related Neck & Back Strain

Your treatment is tailored to ‘you’ and may combine joint mobilsation, massage, gentle Cranial Osteopathic techniques and western medical acupuncture. In combination, this array of powerful techniques are highly effective in treating a whole range of conditions.

All sorts of injuries, illness and inherited factors can cause pain and fatigue, and we can certainly help your body with these issues. However, a modern lifestyle can take its toll on your body in many ways. Hours spent in front of computers, on sofa’s and in the car can disturb the natural healthy movements of joints in the skull, spine and limbs. Not only may this disturb natural poise but, over time, adversely affect the firing rate of the nerves, the tone of muscles and the elasticity blood vessels.

A fundamental premise of Osteopathic treatment is that in restoring your body’s natural alignment and helping gravity to work with you, we may help return your nervous system to a more restful state. This process can relieve widespread and local acute and chronic pain, reduce stress and bring about a profound sense of relaxation and well being. Many people notice increased energy levels after treatment as their joints, nerves, muscles and organs begin to function with greater ease.

Is your body overdue for an Osteopathic MOT? Why not be good to it, and have a tune up! You may be pleasantly surprised! For more information or an appointment please call

07960 197430

A GP’s Testimonial

I have to say that cranial osteopathy changed everything for me. My husband, also a doctor, whose life was unhappily impacted upon by my problems has been equally delighted and will testify that although we do not understand how this treatment works, it has worked, and very emphatically for me. It feels as if we have got our lives back.

I am gradually resuming all the hobbies and sports – including fiddle playing, which I had had to give up – and my life is returning to normal. I don’t get up in the morning any more wondering if I’m going to be struck down today. And, most surprisingly, we have managed to get back to doing some adventurous sailing, which I had never imagined would be possible.

 Dr Anne Young, Hampshire

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Serving Winchester, Hampshire and the surrounding areas including Eastleigh, Southampton, Andover, Basingstoke, Alresford, Alton, Petersfield and Stockbridge.

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