Cranial Osteopathy and Migraine Headaches – A Doctor’s view

Doctors are by nature a fairly sceptical bunch of people and, as such, I approached cranial-osteopathy with distinct misgivings. However, I had been recommended to try it by a good friend and so I did.

I have suffered from severe and frequent migraine headaches for many years. The headaches are often triggered by shoulder and neck exercise and over a period of time they stopped me riding, sailing, gardening, dancing. Even fairly innocuous activities like a medium length walk, standing for a period in the kitchen cooking, ironing, often provoked a migraine headache the following day. My life became very restricted. Over a period of perhaps twenty years I saw a number of specialists from various disciplines but with no success.

I have to say that cranial osteopathy changed everything for me. My husband, also a doctor, whose life was unhappily impacted upon by my problems has been equally delighted and will testify that although we do not understand how this treatment works, it has worked, and very emphatically for me. It feels as if we have got our lives back.

I am gradually resuming all the hobbies and sports – including fiddle playing, which I had had to give up – and my life is returning to normal. I don’t get up in the morning any more wondering if I’m going to be struck down today. And, most surprisingly, we have managed to get back to doing some adventurous sailing, which I had never imagined would be possible.

So I offer my most sincere thanks to Tim for the very significant part he has played in my recovery and I wish him success in the work he is doing.

Dr Anne Young, Hampshire

History of slipped disk and arthritis

I suffer from seronegative arthritis and have a double slipped disc (lower back) and as such can have painful joints and a very uncomfortable back. My Rheumatologist suggested making an appointment with a cranial osteopath to help with pain symptoms resulting from both conditions. Tim Clark was recommended as somebody who could cover both general and cranial osteopath work.

Tim has excellent knowledge of the body’s muscular and skeletal structure and he explained to me in simple terms what I was suffering with and how he could help me make improvements through a therapy plan. At my first appointment Tim suggested some cranial and general osteopath work as well as some Acupunture. I have been really happy with the procedures Tim has perfomed and delighted with the results.

For a number of months I had dealt with significant pain in my neck, shoulder’s, lower back and feet. This had caused many sleepless nights and discomfort during the day whilst sitting and walking. The benefits of the cranial osteopathy were immediate, following the first appointment for the first time in months I slept through an entire night undisturbed and my general posture was greatly improved. I also noticed improvements in my everyday life, specifically whilst driving and at work (desk-based role). Over the following days and weeks following my appointments I continued to notice improvements which I have rightly credited to the work Tim had done.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommened Tim and the great work he does.

David Hughes, Wiltshire

Cranial & Structural Osteopathy for Sinusitis and a numb leg

I had been seeing Tim for ongoing back problems but had also been suffering from nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis. I mentioned this at my last visit and by using various cranial techniques Tim freed up all the pressure in my face and sinuses. By the next morning the congestion in my sinuses had drained and it was such a relief not to have all the pain and pressure in my face!

A few years ago I had a horse riding accident where I ended up with a twisted bone in my leg. My leg was numb at the site of injury and used to swell up and become puffy.  Tim really helped with this and untwisted the bone though very gentle but effective techniques. I now have most of the feeling back in my leg and it doesn’t swell up anymore.

I would totally recommend seeing Tim for any health issue as it’s surprising what Osteopathy can help with!  The cranial work is also extremely gentle and relaxing and gives you an amazing sense of wellbeing!

Thanks so much for your help Tim!

Nikki Bellerby, Hampshire

Cranial Osteopathy – Headaches with a previous facial fracture

My Six year old son had suffered from headaches on and off for over six months.  They had become considerably worse after falling on his tail bone in Spain on holiday two months earlier.  The headaches were coming on suddenly occurring on an almost daily basis and on some occasions were so excruciating that they made him cry.  His eyes had been tested a month before and were fine.

Tim noticed that apart from Reuben’s pelvis being twisted, his left upper jaw and cheek bone were very jammed-up.  Using a glove he released the sutures around the restricted bones. Reuben immideately said how much he liked the feeling of having the bones released.

By the third treatment Reuben was only having one headache a week which was much less painful. I remembered then that Reuben had fractured his upper jaw (maxilla) in a fall when he was age 2 and Tim said that the shock had probably locked up some of the bones in the face and skull contributing to his headaches.

Reuben loves having Tim work gently on his facial bones because he said he could feel that that was where the headache pain was coming from.  He’s now so much happier and relieved to be nearly headache-free after just three treatments.

Holly Conroy, Wiltshire (Reuben age 6)

Cranial Osteopathy after a whiplash-type Injury

I came to see Tim after my car was hit at what police estimated was 100 mph, whilst on holiday abroad. My car span round and miraculously I was relatively unharmed. However for several weeks I suffered from acute stiffness in my neck and the base of the skull causing blinding headaches across my eyebrows, behind my eyes and pain shooting over the top of my head. My lower back was stiff and I had bruising and numbness over my collar bones due to the impact of the seat belt and airbag.

After one treatment my headaches and neck pain went very quickly. There was still some residual stiffness in my neck and shoulders on visiting Tim a month later but it was ten times better than it had been. By the next treatment, a month further on, my back was brilliant with only some numbness to the left of where my upper back meets my neck. But this settled down soon after.

Tim explained how after a whiplash-type injury the membranes that surround the nervous system and attach to the inside of the head, neck and pelvis can stiffen with the shock of impact causing unsettling and sometimes long lasting symptoms. It was an enormous relief to feel comfortable and pain-free again after what could have been a very serious accident.

Lloyd Hill, Hampshire, age 77

Lower Back Pain after a hip replacement

I met Tim earlier this year as I had excruciating pain in the lower back.  As a child, at the age of three, I had polio and was told that I would have problems later in life.  At the age of fifty eight I had to have a hip replacement, this was then re-done seven years later.  When I first met Tim I found him friendly, kind and very approachable.  Any treatment I had was explained fully.  I was made to feel at ease.

I have improved greatly and even manage to dance again when out socially on the Saturday night.  I would recommend Tim to anyone.  Thank you Tim.

Beryl Bransgrove, Hampshire, age 67


Affirming healing for the elderly

As a holistic therapy, osteopathy is relevant to anyone from youth to old age. At 84 I now have a sense of physical well-being that belies my age and which a year ago I simply didn’t think applied to me. I never expected miracles, nor did I get any. Just hands-on healing specific to the body’s need and affirming to the soul. Tim Clark’s Osteopathy has greater therapeutic depth than I ever imagined.

Joan, Alresford, age 84

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